Making Behavioral Marketing a Fundamental Part of Your Law Firm’s Growth Strategy

The ways in which law firms and other businesses market their services continues to evolve. New technologies and a deeper understanding of how people choose to buy legal services have led to new strategies that help you grow your client base.

Behavioral marketing lets you reach a larger audience that consists of those people who are most likely to want and purchase your legal services.

It gives you a leading edge over your competitors while reducing marketing costs and improving long-term results.

Understanding Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing is rooted in data related to your existing and prospective clients. It lets you create profiles based on the behavioral history of your audience so that you create more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

By using behavioral marketing strategies, law firms deliver advertising messages that are tailored to the unique needs, interests, and behaviors of their audiences.

This is accomplished through the use of detailed analytics, cookies, IP addresses, and search history.

Through retargeting (or remarketing), the ads they see in the future will reflect their previous online behaviors and lead to higher conversion rates for advertisers.

Benefits of Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing introduces customization into your advertising. By delivering the right messages to the right users, you attract attention and convert it into interest for your legal services.

Behavioral marketing makes your messages relevant to users, further enhancing the value that you provide. It increases the clickthrough rates of your ads and moves prospects closer to your primary offer.

You can segment your audience based on your data so that your content is tailored to specific groups of people. This improves its results and reduces the costs associated with marketing messages that fail to convert.

Over time, your marketing messages are optimized so that they are even more effective, and you gain greater insights into what actually works.

Making Behavioral Marketing a Part of Your Law Firm

Behavioral marketing can be tailored to each person based on their observed behaviors or groups that emphasize different user types.

The approach you use depends on your law firm’s business goals, services, and other factors.

Behavioral marketing is ideal for specialized services. So law firms that practice within a specific area can greatly benefit from behavior marketing by honing in on the users who need their services.

This prevents you from wasting limited resources on marketing strategies that reach the wrong prospects.

Start by identifying your behavior marketing goals. Being clear on the outcomes you want to achieve helps you determine what tactics are working and should be repeated and which ones should be thrown out.

You can obtain data from a variety of sources including your own internal database, customer relationship management (CRM) system, or from your analytics platform.

Social media is one of the best places to begin gathering information about your prospective clients. Being active on social media and connecting directly with your target audience makes it easy to monitor their interests and behaviors.

Segment your existing and prospective customers. There are many factors on which you can base your segmentation, and you can further customize your content’s messages for better response rates.

Finally, law firms must clearly define the metrics they’ll use to measure their success. The following are common metrics used in behavioral marketing:

  • Conversion rate
  • ROI
  • Traffic
  • Contact (email or phone)
  • Social media followers
  • Content likes, shares, and comments
  • Purchases

Knowing your objectives and having a system to measure results is critical to making behavioral marketing a long-term strategy for your law firm.

What behaviors have you observed in existing and prospective clients? How has your law firm incorporated those findings into its marketing strategy? Let us know what’s worked or what hasn’t in the comments below.

Behavioral marketing transforms how your law firm reaches and engages with a larger audience. More importantly, it improves your ability to sell your legal services while reducing your marketing costs and increasing your revenue.


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