How Law Firms Are Using Instagram to Grow Their Client Base

Law firms typically use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow their networks and improve their lead generation efforts. But many overlook Instagram as a way to support their business goals.

Instagram and other image-based platforms are often considered unimportant or irrelevant to the legal industry. Many assume that these platforms are only popular with young people.

But these misconceptions can be causing your law firm to miss out on valuable opportunities for growth. The following will show you how law firms are using Instagram to build their brands and reach prospective clients.

Instagram Growth

Online users respond to visual images, which have higher click-through and conversion rates when compared to text-only messages.

Instagram allows users to share images from their life experiences and connect with others through the use of hashtags, direct messaging, and other features.

The use of this platform by law firms in marketing their products and services is growing. With more than 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is an invaluable tool for firms that want to develop their brands and engage with online users.

Brand-Building Through Instagram

Advertisers use Instagram to reach engaged users who are brand-conscious and highly responsive. Instagram lets you post images and videos, which gives you the opportunity to be creative with your marketing messages.

The platform is ideal for law firms that want to demonstrate the reasons why their services are the right choice for users.

Social media platforms like Instagram create a brand voice and experience that resonates with your target audience.

How to Use Instagram for Your Law Firm

Law firms use Instagram to make it easy for prospects to reach out and connect with them. There are many ways to achieve this with Instagram.

Use images and videos to humanize your law practice. Show the people who work behind the scenes. Highlight partners, staff members, and others who play pivotal roles in bringing your services to clients.

Instagram is a great way to reach millennials. This demographic is beginning to search for services related to real estate, entrepreneurship, and the legal services related to these and other needs.

Your law firm’s success depends on your ability to engage with users. Social media isn’t just a broadcasting platform. Instead, your law firm should strive to join existing conversations related to your services and expertise.

The images you create and share on Instagram should build relationships with your target audience and other industry leaders.

Instagram can be used to share the events or accomplishments related to your law firm. Offline events such as lectures, conferences, and charity events can be shared through images or video.

If your law firm participates in a conference, create or find a hashtag that others are using to stay informed about the event. This makes it easy to connect with participants who are actively using Instagram to market their legal services.

Your law firm may be able to highlight a client who has achieved success through your services. This may not be appropriate for all law firms, but it’s a worthwhile strategy to consider.

Understanding the ways that law firms use Instagram to increase visibility and generate leads makes it easy to develop your strategy for online success.

Let us know how you’re using Instagram in your law firm’s marketing campaigns. If you’re new to this platform, let us know what questions you might have in the comments below.

The sooner you begin sharing your stories on Instagram, the more likely you’ll be to reap the rewards that it can provide your law firm.


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