How to Connect Your Billboard to Your Online Marketing

Today’s law firms have many ways to market their legal services and reach a larger audience. Billboards are still an effective way to increase visibility and acquire new clients for your practice.

But offline advertising needs to connect to your online marketing if you want to achieve the greatest return on your marketing investment.

Knowing how to connect your billboard to your online marketing creates a consistent brand experience, builds credibility and trust, and can generate greater revenue for your law firm.

Why Billboards Still Work in a Digital Marketplace

Billboards offer an affordable medium with which today’s law firms can enhance their online marketing. This includes your social media activity, paid search ads, Facebook marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Connecting your offline and online marketing presence develops your brand and positions you as a leader in your industry.

This builds trust among prospective clients and supports them in their decision to choose your legal services over those of your competitors.

Billboards and other traditional offline marketing methods are effective in persuading your audience and making your law firm more recognizable.

The following will help you leverage these and other benefits alongside your online marketing.

Create a Consistent Image

The images used in your billboard campaigns should also be used in your online marketing. This increases the likelihood that your audience will recognize your law firm and creates a consistent brand image.

Social media makes it easy to identify what images and words your audience responds to the most. Through “likes” and “shares”, you can determine which online marketing assets should be integrated into your billboard advertisements.

Go Beyond Brand Building by Using a Call-to-Action

Businesses use billboards to increase the visibility of their brands. But in the process, they often overlook the need to compel their audiences to take action.

Direct response marketing principles can be incorporated into billboard campaigns through the simple (yet powerful) use of a call-to-action (CTA).

In the same way that your online activities ask users to share your content, click through to your website, or download a free guide, your billboard can use a CTA to engage its audience and drive them further into your sales process.

Tell a Story With Your Billboard

The importance of storytelling in today’s marketing cannot be overstated. But it doesn’t have to be limited to your social media or other online activity.

Your law firm can use billboard advertising to begin to tell a story that directs your audience to your online presence.

A billboard that sets up a story with a compelling image or message can trigger curiosity and cause your audience to want to know how that story ends.

Use Hashtags

As common as hashtags are in social media, it’s still surprising to see the number of businesses who fail to utilize this powerful marketing tool in their billboard advertisements.

Hashtags connect users to the conversations that are already being had over a wide range of topics.

You can tap into existing trending hashtags or create one of your own. Either way, including a hashtag on your billboard is an easy way to direct the public to your online presence.

Connecting your billboard advertisements to your online marketing is essential to achieving lasting success in today’s marketplace.

Let us know how you’ve created a consistent brand experience through your online and offline marketing campaigns in the comments below.

Achieving better results from your marketing requires a comprehensive strategy that includes all aspects of your advertising campaigns. You’ll generate greater visibility while compelling the right audience to choose your services for their legal needs.


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